Pedal Magic Software

Pedal Magic Software (PM-SW)

Pedal Magic software enables you to control virtually any application program using a foot pedal. It works with USB or serial Infinity foot pedals and sends hot key or macro keystroke sequences to your favorite application program.

Pedal Magic runs in the background and sends your application the keystrokes it needs as each pedal is pressed and released. The keystrokes are sent just as if you typed them from your keyboard...just like magic!

Works great with McKesson and Webmedx programs.

The menu functions of most application programs can be activated by pressing the Alt key on the keyboard plus a letter key or a function key. A menu function which can be activated in this way is usually denoted by an underscore under one character of its name. For example the menu selection for File can be activated by pressing Alt plus F.

Application programs may also allow certain functions to be activated by pressing a combination of hot keys. These applications usually contain a menu with which to configure the combination of keys that activate a particular function. For example, a wav player may use the keystroke combination of Ctrl plus Alt plus F1 to begin playing a file.

Pedal Magic allows you to instantly recall five pedal definitions, saving you time and effort when using your favorite programs. For example, you can use Pedal Magic to control your favorite wav player’s play/pause, rewind and fast forward functions, or you can use it, for example, to instantly spell check, save, or print from your favorite word processor....the possibilities are endless!

  • It can be installed on most Windows-based computers and is compatible with Infinity USB and Infinity serial foot pedals or 100% compatible foot pedals.
  • It sends keystrokes at the press of a pedal to your favorite application.
  • Instantly switch it to work with up to five different applications.
Pedal Magic runs minimized and automatically remembers the last application you choose. To use it, simply run it and then run your favorite application.

To set it to work with a different application, simply click Pedal Magic on the task bar and then choose a different application from its menu.

Hardware System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Millennium Edition, 2000 Professional Edition, XP Professional and Home Edition, VISTA and Windows 7.
  • Foot-control access: Open USB or serial port
  • Internet access is needed for software updates
Recommended Accessories:

IN-USB2 : Standard USB Foot Control.

FP-110USB/DP : Large USB Foot Control.

IN-DB9 : Standard 9-Pin Serial Port Foot Control.

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